Pantless Knights and The New Dork is money

I am a huge fan of The Pantless Knights, a group of local viral video makers who rock awesomeness with everything they put out.

Their concepts for viral videos, execution, as well as social marketing efforts make them a great source of entertainment and an emerging marketing option for companies looking to make a splash virally like the Mrs. Taken rings with the Puke In My Mouth video.

But the real special sauce of the Knights is there understanding of web culture. It’s something that helps the finished product as well as shape the comedic tones and themes they explore in their videos.

Their newest video is a testament to that understanding as they celebrate “The New Dorks”, the web entrepeneuer in their 20’s/early 30’s.

I love the video because its an accurate and funny celebration/satire on the growing community of web 2.0 entrepreneurs like myself.  I think the Silicon Valley startup web 2.0 culture is really something unique as well compelling. I could easily see a great movie, HBO or AMC series, or something of that nature being derived about this scene and era.

For now I’ll settle for a great music video from the Knights and the occasional video by my other favorite musical act documeting tech culture, The Richter Scales.

Kudos to for sponsoring this video. Already in its first day, its approaching 100,000 page views and I am sure getting a lot of mentions in the blogosphere and Twitter. Glad to see the Knights getting more clients and the effectiveness of these viral campaigns helping them attract new customers.

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