VC’s Know Viral Hilarity

One of our VC contacts at YBN Media popped into the new YBN media office today to see the new digs in San Francisco today. I had to work on a cool research project with him and have become friendly since and enjoy learning more about all the cool things happening in the world of VC’S. I consider myself a viral youtube conisuer but was impressed when he showed me three great videos I have never seen before. Just goes to show you that VC’s really do have their eyes on everything on the web for some reason or the other…. First up Dirkalicous . I actually like the last 2 songs he does. This guy (Paul Brogan) is awesome. Get him on SNL or something.  Next Jaime Kennedy?

You can see more awesome videos like this here. Love this Iphone one.

Alright next up is more ridiculous Gen Y techie focused hilarity. These guys called Pantless Knights apparently make high quality viral videos and hope to work with companies who are cool enough to realize that viral videos are awesome. My VC bud actually lives with one of them which probably bodes well for hilarious weekend shaningans. Microsoft should give them a call after this god awful disaster. Below are a couple of samples. To be honest, these guys are fantastic. I would hire them to make any video I ever needed for anything.

The Intern Music Video


Google vs Yahoo Rap War

These 2 teams of video rap makers should really battle. Seriously has new media ever been this darn awesome?

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