Commercial of the week (Cingular and Roger Clemens)

I always go on rants about good and bad commercials. With that in mind I am going to start a new feature on my site where I give an enthusiastic thumbs up or thumbs down to new commercials. The innagural commercial goes to Roger Clemens’ new Cingular ad (this will be the last distinction he needs to get into Cooperstown).

This commercial gets a thumps up from me as the already successful Cingular dropped calls series adds a new twist by incorporating humor that pokes fun of celebrities. Roger Clemens, hasn’t been a popular spokesperson but does a great job hear poking fun at his propensity to come out of retirement mid season. The funny thing is that Roger Clemens may be getting close to earning more money post his initial retirement than he did in his extensive MLB career. The Cingular money isnt too shabby either.

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