Greetings from New Orleans

After hours of delays, I finally made it to New Orleans. Exhausted I made my way down Bourbon Street early this afternoon. Needless to say that if and when I have 1/4 life crisis or 1/2 life crisis, I think this would be the place. Will take some pics of the incredible scene down here tonight.

After grabbing a bite and scouting the scene for later tonight with some friends, we made our way to Harrah’s as I have had a craving to play some roulette for quite awhile. This ended up being a good idea as I cashed out with an extra $400 which will more then likely be reinvested into the New Orleans economy in the comings hours. My friend Alex Baker also won some big money as well.

There are a ton of OSU fans in addition to LSU fans. I am quite surprised by the OSU turnout as well as amicable the fans have been getting along. Bourbon street looks like it will be fun. Can’t wait. More coming later! Go bucks

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