Reporting Badass Damon Weaver Reignites McNabb vs. Romo rivarly

There is something about writing, especially on your own site, that keeps your mind fresh. I’ve been pathetic at doing it the last 6 months and I hope to get back in the groove now. It’s been far too long.

To get back on a roll I present to you the future of sports journalism in Damon Weaver who caught my eye on the The 700 Level. Damon’s a pretty good interviewer and fires a diverse assortment of questions in a sporadic manner. Below he interviews Donovan McNabb and specifically asks McNabb if he has ever cried after a game (1:30 in).

McNabb proudly states that he has and its not a big deal. Other interesting moments include “Everyone knows you’re good at football, but what are you horrible at?”.

While McNabb staunchly defends men crying, his NFC counterpart Tony Romo chimes on the opposite side of this divisive issue stating “Men Don’t Cry”. Damon also probes rumor on if he likes Duke of Hazzard and who he prefers as a singer between Carrie Underwood or Jessica Simpson.

Maybe I’m a sucker for cute kids being hilarious, but this was a nice change of pace for Pro Bowl coverage. Damon does these interviews for his school and has a bunch of other interesting interviews including one with Obama. Sadly he tones down it down for our president in chief.




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