Vinny Testaverde Retires…..Finally

Today it was announced that Vinny Testeverde will be retiring after Sunday, capping a 21 year campaign. Testeverde is an iconic figure to football fans for his career longevity and surprising resurgences in his 40’s with teams like the Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, and Panthers.

Vinny then………. Vinny Now


Plagued by limited mobility and a propensity to throw interceptions (third all time!) Testeverde was given up for dead numerous times for his career. Wikipedia has a great writeup on his remarkable twilight years in which he bounced around from team to team, to the astonishment of fans. In most of these cases, circumstances allowed Testeverde to play and even start.

Today we say goodbye to the Heisman Winner from 1986. By comparison the second oldest Heisman still in the NFL is the 1997 winner, Charles Woodson.

Vinny breaking into the league over 20 years ago

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