The Score gets The Basketball Jones, Yahoo Loses Skeets

About a year ago I offered Tas Melas and JE Skeets of The Basketball Jones my help in regards to working with advertisers and other possible business partners. They were gracious enough to allow the privilege of being involved and for a couple months I tried my best to connect them with potential advertisers, helped […]

Reporting Badass Damon Weaver Reignites McNabb vs. Romo rivarly

There is something about writing, especially on your own site, that keeps your mind fresh. I’ve been pathetic at doing it the last 6 months and I hope to get back in the groove now. It’s been far too long. To get back on a roll I present to you the future of sports journalism […]

Mark May either really crude/hilarious or bad at pretending to yawn

In the video below, you tell me what Mark May is doing about 15 seconds in. Yeah I know you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I am pretty convinced it was the more hilarious possibility. I am not the only one who interpreated that way.   So to recap, a […]

ESPN Committed To Drinking Old Media’s Milkshake

ESPN today announced that they will be launching destination sites like in LA, New York, and Dallas. The article made the front page of the New York Times and has peaked the interest of many in the blogosphere. The NYT article doesn’t pull punches clearly making the connection that this is another blow to […]

Double Down on Blogs With Balls 2.0

If you head over to you’ll find a couple new things. First the site has been redesigned to promote the upcoming 2.0 conference to be held in Las Vegas, October 15-16. as part of the broader Blogwold Conference. I blogged about this before, but this is a huge step up from years past as […]

SB Nation Brings in a Very Healthy $7-$8 Million

I am going to write a very broad piece tonight about some of the VERY encouraging things I am seeing in Sports 2.0 (which probably needs a real definition btw). I’ll still write some of the things on my mind, but that thunder got stolen today with the news that SB Nation, a company somewhat […]

RIP Steve McNair- Gritty QB’s Death Rocks Blogosphere

I flipped the channel to ESPN a little while ago only to be informed that one of my favorite NFL players athletes of all time had been murdered today. It’s not clear who shot Steve McNair and why (although there are a lot of rumors and theories), but regardless its a very sad day for […]

Freddy Adu- My Scape Goat for Today’s Loss

US soccer has ebbed and flowed over the last 15 years. The 94 world cup was a huge step forward but 98 was a huge step back. 2002 was very encouraging, but 2006 was yet again another big buzz kill. Today the US National team had a tremendous opportunity to focus the attention of the […]

Bob Green- The Greatest Thing in Montana

My blog is going to go under some construction shortly. This could be the last post before that process starts. If so, it’s a good way to go out. Came across this today on Bucknuts via Hot Clicks. This is seriously one of the funniest personalities I’ve ever seen on TV….and he’s a football coach. […]

Global Sports Fraternity- Great Fodder for Sports Blogs

I have got to meet a lot of various people since becoming CEO of Bloguin. Even though its hard to work or partner with everyone I talk to, its still cool to meet technology and entrepreneurial minded people. One person that I’ve been really impressed by is Henry Lowenfels, owner of MayFly films who runs […]