Carl’s Jr Succesfully Does Viral Videos with Rob Dyrdek

Once again my friend Brian has done an excellent job digging up a great story on another large company wisely investing into the niche viral video realm. This time its Carl’s Jr partnering Rob Dyrdek of Rob and Big fame. Carl’s Jr has launched a great microsite to help promote the videos and are also giving away: “limited edition 42-ounce collector cups that consumers can receive by purchasing a large drink or combo. The company is using the tagline, “See Rob Eat It” to support its promotional tactics.” Below are the three videos. They are pretty awesome to be honest.

My current employer (Watercooler Sports) and my former employer (Yardbarker), are both involved in working with brands and athletes to help them integrate their brand with powerful viral niches. Some get it and some don’t. The concept of doing something strictly online and targeted to a very small niche of the internet is not for everyone. However when done right, brands are reaping the benefits of successfully hyper targeting a certain demographic as well as increasing brand awareness through word of mouth and the sheer cool factor. Props to companies that get “it”. Unfortunately though there are far too many pro teams and large brands that feel that blogs, youtube, facebook, and twitter are merely just a fad that they can continue to ignore.

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