I’m moving out of the Bay Area and to Columbus. No really Columbus.

Probably about time I shared this with more folks. Tried to make this concise, but yeah you know me….I can talk if you let me. In September (hopefully), I’ll be moving away from the Bay Area and to Columbus, Ohio. It’s a done deal, as I’ve sold my place here and bought a place there […]

Train Carrying Fuseleages Derails Causing Big Mess

Suddenly the train accident in The Fugitive is not that impressive. Luckily, no injuries. How are they going to get these fuselages back? Well nobody really knows: “Montana Rail Link spokeswoman Lynda Frost toldThe Associated Press on Saturday the company isn’t sure how long the effort will take because it’s the first time it has dealt […]

More FIFA Corruption

“And Blazer? He has raked in more than $21 million from the sport, much of it paid to offshore shell companies. He flew around the world in the first-class cabin, lived in an $18,000-a-month apartment high above the glitziest stretch of New York’s Fifth Avenue, and relaxed in a luxury condo in the Bahamas — […]

Wedding Party Collapses Pier

Mad respect to the bridesmaids on the right. Not so much for the person who thought this was a good idea. Dan + Jackie 05.31.2014 (live) from megjenae on Vimeo.

Another Hochuli Coming To The NFL

Like father like son. “Shawn Hochuli has been a longtime Pac-12 official and will now join the NFL as a side judge.” Million dollar question is how does his first down call live up to his dad’s?

5 Helpful Entrepreneurial Lessons I Have Learned From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed away and it is a very sad day here in Silicon Valley and the country. There has been a tremendous outpouring of emotion and great articles since the news broke several hours ago. I’m not going to write the 10,000th article about Jobs and his legacy, but rather take a moment to […]

Koo Runnings Volume Four

This may end up being one of the last Koo Runnings but certainly a lot going on right now to warrant a new edition highlighting everything going on within the sports 2.0 industry. Obviously Bleacher Report had a couple of huge announcements last week but before we go there, let’s open with some smaller items. […]

Koo Running Volume Three

  Been way too long but as the month comes to an end, here is a look at what’s going on within the sports digital media space in this edition of Koo Runnings. – The freshest news is that ESPN is planning launching a college football network of sites for 25 of the biggest college […]