China’s Richest Person is…. Young, Female, and a Buckeye

I know I probably overkill my love for my alma mater, Ohio State, but thought this was a worthy mention.

This Cnn article points out that Yang Huiyan is China’s richest person with a net worth of 16.2 billion dollars. You usually don’t find that many woman on wealthiest lists but what was most surprising was that Yang Huiyan is only a year older than me (25+1=26). Yang Huiyan graduated Ohio State in 2003 thus she witnessed the miraculous National Championship season of 2002 which likely served as the catalyst for her career in Real Estate Development. The news isnt all good though, as this 16.2 billion dollar potential Buckeye Sugar Mama is officially off the market as of last year. Look below as she sports a Scarlet gown for her wedding below. You can just tell she bleeds the scarlet and grey.


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