Google Finalizing Deal For Digg?

Rumors are abound that Google is finalizing a deal to acquire news content aggregator The acquisition price is rumored to be in the neigborhood of $200 million .

With other portal/search engines like yahoo and AOL having their own content aggregation tools, Google seems to be seeing the value of the original enterprise content aggregation tool.

Below is a great video on Digg from awhile back.

I read a lot about Digg and their founders in the great Sarah Lacey’s Web 2.0 book and am glad to see their efforts pay off with a potential healthy exit via Google.

Digg is Web 2.0 icon, democratizing what news content would become featured. It was a novel concept at the time and one that has truly changed how internet users find news. Digg popularity grew rapidly, with a lot imitators launching in the following years. The company and the founder, Kevin Rose, became a poster boy for social media, user generated content, and web 2.0.

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