Monday Tech Update- No Digg Google Deal, Sex Sells for Hulu

I had a nice little mini vacation away from blogging over my birthday weekend. But its back to the grind. Couple of Interesting updates below.

– Last week TechCrunch broke the story that Digg was close to consummating a deal to be acquired by Google. This weekend, the site now claims the deal is dead as Google left Digg at the alter. Its not clear if Google balked at the underlying technology of Digg, or at the prospect of working with Digg’s young and somewhat rogue management team.

While a lot of attention is put into the Yahoo Microsoft talks, the Google Digg rumors are just as interesting to watch. Digg is a web 2.0 icon and if it’s unable to find a healthy exit (Google at 200 million would have been darn near ideal), I have a feeling that the sentiment of Web 2.0’s staying power as a market force will begin to sour.

– Speaking of Web 2.0, I am a HUGE fan of and visit the site quite often. While there is an abundance of great movies and televisions shows on the site, I was surpised to see what the most popular movie clips were on the site. Below are screenshots of the top 10 clips of this month.

Considering the substantial amount of clips on the site, I am kind of surprised to see that all the top clips are from second tier movies and are sexual in nation. No I am not an idiot and am unaware of one of the internet’s most popular uses, but I just didn’t foresee Hulu becoming an online destination for rubbing one out.

– Finally, Yardbarker is now Wikipedia. This was quite an extensive process and I am glad to see our company on the site where it belongs.

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