Richter Scales Make Silicon Valley Tough Times Funny with Crunchies Performance

Awhile back I had made plans to attend The Crunchies and was even close to finding a date for the event. For those who don’t know of the Crunchies, its been called the Oscars of Silicon Valley recognizing innovation and progress of both new startups and established tech vendors. Unfortunately I flaked on going for a variety of reasons (its okay the whole thing is online). After taking a viewing, I found little of substance. The economic downturn dominated most of any engaging discussion which made it somewhat of a bittersweet event. The real hilight was the performance by the Richter Scales which is below.

I think its hilarious and pokes fun of a lot of Silicon Valley cliches that I know all too well. For those of you who don’t know the Richter Scales are a local singing group that became famous with their iconic video, Here Comes Another Bubble, which is below.

I was thinking of explaining a lot of the inside jokes in the first video for my readers but am in a rush to get out the door. The presentation they are referring to is a famous presentation that the Valley’s most prominent venture capital firm sent out in October which went into great detail into why the economic downturn would really hurt Silcon valley. Its a doozy, and marked a huge shift around here one that The Richter Scales were smart enough to incorporate into their presentation The Famous RIP GOOD Times preso

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