The Valley Freaks out Because Young Tech Professionals like Booze, Fun, and Optimism

So there is a video out there that is creating some friction in the valley. Here is a link to TechCrunch’s recap on the toll that this economy will take on the Silicon Valley eco system. In it are 3 communications that major investors and VC’s sent to their companies advising them on how to pro actively out maneuver the economy. Let’s just say their outlook is not pretty and that certain painful decisions will have to be made in order to survive.

wEB 2.0


Rather than focusing on how this could potentially effect me personally and my company, I want to take this opportunity to applaud the video below. The valley has defecated on it citing it being pretentious, in bad taste, and blindly optimistic. The timing was bad as it came out during this tough week. However, here are 20 or so upper 20’s young 30’s people enjoying themselves in Greece.

They must have planned and saved for quite awhile for this trip and were letting off some steam in what is a freaking hilarious video imo. They know its kind of over the top,cheesy, and lame. But who cares, its still pretty funny .

I mean how long did this take to make? Good for them. No need to be down at the onset of something as ominous as this. Don’t let it ruin your vacation. I am somewhere in the middle of this debate in terms of how bad this economy will effect the valley, but I know one thing for sure:

Blaming young tech professionals for being optistic, drunk, and hilarious probably won’t solve much. Stop sensationalizing and get back to real reporting.

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