Warner Brothers Goes Blu Ray Exclusive… Told you so

About a month ago I posted how this holiday season would be a real critical junction for the Blu Ray vs HD DVD format war. A huge part of my rationale was that Warner Brothers was believed to be mulling over making the move to become blu ray exclusive instead of releasing movies in both formats.

Warner Brothers indeed made the move official today, dealing a crippling blow to Toshiba’s HD DVD camp. Warner Brothers will continue to release in both formats until May where they will make the switch to Blu Ray exclusive. While this is not the end of the format war, its likely to be the beginning of the end.


Blu ray now boasts 5 studios that release exclusively in their format compared to 2 for HD DVD

Target, Netflix, and Blockbuster have all chimed in for HD DVD as well.

To those who just bought a HD DVD player for Xmas, my suggestion would be to return it if you can.

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