Commercial of the Week 11/6 (ESPN the Magazine Greg Oden)

Got to call out this hilarious ESPN the magazine ad featuring recent cover boy Greg Oden. For those of you who don’t know Oden is a 19 year old 7 foot tall freak of nature basketball player that looks as is he is 40 years old. The former Buckeye and number 1 pick is unfortunately out for the season due to a knee surgery.

The commercial is affective and comedic as Oden pokes fun of himself. Oden is truly an interesting character and a refreshing change of pace for the NBA, a league that tends to market either the super gritty/aggressive/alphha male persona or the cool/confident/stylish persona . Oden does not fall into any of these buckets by a long shot as he was a 4.0 honors student in high school, dressed up as Erkel from Family Matters for Halloween, constantly pokes fun of himself, and is probably as level headed yet corky as pro athletes come.

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