Commercial of the Week- Google Super Bowl Parisian Love and The Awesome Tiger Wood Parody

Back in the day when I was a Tour De Force in the blog world, I used to have a running feature, Commercial of the Week. I am now trying to get back to that and thought I would include one from this week’s Super Bowl.

Being the tech nerd I am, I heard rumblings that Google was indeed going to have a commercial in the big game which is a huge break from the norm as the tech giant usually doesn’t spend much or anything on advertising.

A lot of the Super Bowl commercials impressed me, but the Google one really stuck out. Call me a homer to Silicon Valley, but the sappy commercial was well executed and created an emotional connection with many of the people who watched it. Yes…search engine and emotional connections.

In fact a couple of young ladies at my house (not the Kirby vacuum girl), got a little teary eyed watching the commercial which blew my mind and took me back to Dumb and Dumber when Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey share a hearty cry while watching an ATT commercial.

Anyways, below is the commercial. I already used Google (sometimes Bing), but I can this ad getting some traction with the female audience. The fact they mixed in some nice product usability shots were a nice touch as well.

UPDATE: This is hilarious. Good work Slate, poking fun of Tiger.


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