Commercial of the week- Lexus Hyrbid Milestones

Contemplating writing 3 posts tonight. Might as well start with an easy Commercial of the week.

For years I have dreamed of owning a Lexus Hybrid. For a good period of time they’ve had a full fleet of luxury Hybrids, while their competition really didn’t have much to offer. Fast forward to now where hybrids are all the rage and its slowly becoming a much more competitive space.

Lexus does a great job making the point that they were a first mover into this space and have a lot more street cred than any other luxury automaker in regards to hybrids. The milestones they point to, definitely stand out and the imagery while a bit lackluster offers some accompanying product shots and reinforces the rather diverse fleet of hybrids Lexus has.

Lexus as well as Toyota was way ahead of the curve on hybrids. They invested a lot of R and D, engineering, and marketing to get where they are now in the growing market. While a lot of auto companies focused on the short term, Lexus didn’t sit on their hands in regards to developing hybrids. They also knew that higher end consumers would likely be more environmentally conscious than other consumers and looked to “own” that space.

This commercial does a great job conveying how committed and experienced they are while also taking a jab at other automakers who are a bit late in the game at this point. Hopefully soon enough I’ll be in one of these swanky rides. It’s the anchor and part 1 of a 3 step program of hopeful adult awesomeness. 1) Get sweet car. 2) Get babe to ride shotgun. 3) Marry babe….put baby in car seat in back.

Hopefully good gas mileage can pay for his college. O yeah, I forgot he’s going to Ohio State on a football scholarship!


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