DirectTV Essentially Ruining My Life and

I have a lot of great content I want to write, but its going to have to wait…..

I need to move and I need to move asap. My company is planning on moving to the city real soon and my sublet in Alameda is expiring in 10 days.

Complicating this move is my absolute insistence on getting DirectTV wherever I go.

Its absolutely killing the prospects of my search, but I am hellbent on ths requirement. Why you ask?

Because their are few things in life I enjoy more than watching a copious amount of football. And by copious I honestly mean almost all day Saturday and Sunday (2 screens) as well as the Monday Night and Thursday Night games.

The issues is that in my area only Direct TV offers the Big Ten Network, NFL Network, and of course the NFL Sunday Ticket. At least a 1/3 to 1/2 of my football watching that I hold so dear are on these channels making it imperative that I have the system installed wherever I go.

Unfortunately though, not a lot of small units come equipped with the system. Its a simple pleasure in life I would like to continue, but its going to be quit the challenge here on out. The clock is ticking on me and I hope it works out because I can’t imagine life without DirectTV.

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