Internet Hot Topics (Puff Daddy setup Tupac, Steve-O attempted suicide, and Stuff White People Like)

I typically don’t highlight Entertainment current events, but felt compelled to do so as a couple of items that seem to be floating under the radar. Below are some interesting items.

– Steve-O from Jackass fame is reportedly being held at a mental health facility as he reportedly sent out suicide emails before Johnny Knockville and others stagd an intervention. Steve-O has commented on the situation from the medical facility on his blog Steve-O has been charged in cocaine possession related to this incident and has admitted to his drug useage in his blog.


– The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Puff Daddy was behind Tupac’s 1994 studio assault that almost cost him his life. Fans of hip hop are familiar with the attack that seeming served as the starting point of the famed rap bi coastal war. Although no sources are named, the LA times stands by the story despite Puff Daddy’s public denouncement of the article.


– A popular new blog ( is gaining traction as the newest internet phenomena. The website is a satirical look at stuff white people like and includes items like Sushi, oscar parties, Netflix, Wine, and difficult breakups. I personally found it to be pretty hilarious although somewhat repetitive and overly cynical at times. To read more about stuffwhitepeoplelike either visit the site or check out this news article on its rise to popularity.

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