Lemon Propel VICTORY!!!!(250 delivered!!!!)

A couple of times I have mentioned my addiction to Lemon Propel and for anyone who even remotely knows me, you are well aware of this. It started in Ohio when I found myself a little worn out from long walks to classes and the Ohio humidity that was new to me. At first it was one every couple of days or one a day, but subsequently after graduating the real addiction began to take root. I remember a little more than 2 years ago, I would take one to work and then would have one when I got home. Shortly after it became two to work and one or maybe even two in the evening. Sometime in the last year or so, it ballooned to 3 24 oz Propels to work and maybe even 2-3 when not at work. Hangovers and workouts only furthered consumption.

So before my move to San Bruno, I use to be able to procure about 30-50 and sometimes even up to 75 or so on one trip to my local Safeway. It was because of this that procuring Propel did not become its own necessary trip and could just coincide with normal grocery trips although I encouraged my roommates to pay utilities using Propel as currency. Actually one time for my birthday they got about 2-3 boxes but took them all out and hid them around the house. Try opening your medicine cabinet a month after the surprise and having 2 Propels falling on your face.  The most embarrassing incident occurred when I realized that I slept on a bottle under my mattress for a full 2-3 months. Anyways, here in San Bruno there was procurement issues. The local Safeway didn’t have Lemon and Lucky’s seemed to have less than 15 every time I went. The local drug stores had it, but it was usually 50 cents more expensive. Going every 3 days to re up like a drug was getting old and cutting into my time, so I began researching longer term solutions. Although it took awhile to arrange and the people at Safeway.com thought I was nuts and had to pull some extra strings…..below is the end result. 250 Lemon Propels….delivered to my doorstep. They had to place a special order from the warehouse Scroll down to see roommate reaction interview

So I got 250. That boxes and 10 extra loose ones. It seems like a good number. Enough to last me awhile, but not too much where I can’t store it all. Anyone who guesses the day I will run out of these 250 will get a cool prize for me, just leave your guess in the comments. Below is an interview with my roommate who sheds some more insight into this. Upon unloading the boxes I opened one box to make sure they were all Lemon to which he replied “You look like a Coke dealer inspecting your merchandise.”

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