Monday Night Entertainment Quick Hitters- Vudu Problems, Time Warner and BTN Make Peace, much much more

It’s time for bed, but not before some interesting tidbits to come through in the last couple of days.

– The Big Ten Network and Time Warner Cable have reached a distribution agreement. Last week talks heated up as both sides engaged in a back and forth posturing/propoganda battle. This is huge for the BTN as another 2.5 million people will get the network on basic cable in the Big Ten region, and also sets the groudwork for future distribution on the sports tier for those outside the Big Ten Region.

The timing of this annoucement also coincides on the day that ESPN announced an extended agreement with the SEC, effectively killing the possibility of a launch of a rumored SEC Network.

– There are rumblings of troubles for Vudu, the on demand media box that I am a fan of. While its not clear exactly what’s true and what’s rumors, there has definitely been a management shakeup as well a pending strategy overhaul looming.

– Pacino and De Niro in a new movie coming out? I couldn’t dig up much on Righteous Kill other than a trailer I saw earlier. Although its big news that these two have teamed up again, expectations on IMDB are very tepid with community members skeptical that 50 cent also stars in the movie. Another fan said that the title sounded more like a Stephen Seagal movie compared to a classic De Niro and Pacino film.

– Lastly I checked out the new MTV show tonight Exiled. I liked the concept. A bunch of bratty kids who had obnoxiously over the top Sweet 16 parties, are still brats (shocker!) and need some type of intervention. So why not send these MTV made prissy pre madonas to a third world country to toughen them up a bit?

MTV pays the bill and lines them up with some type of third world boot camp exotic destination in order to “open their eyes” to real life struggles.

The whole appeal to me was seeing these kids struggle and suffer. Yeah its basic schadenfreude, but these kids are in need of a thorough public belittling. Unfortunately though the show comes off as an extension of Sweet 16, with you ultimately end sympathizing with the kids and rooting for them.

The problem is that there is already a show like that called Made, where young kids overcome their shortcomings to achieve something that’s seems outlandish. Exiled was just more fluff that will most likely perpetuate these kids’ obnixious and pompous egos instead of a whole hearted reality check.

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