South Park Satirezes Youtube Sensations and Phenomenas

I am a mild fan of South Park as sometimes its the spot and other times its a little too ridiculous. I watched tonights episode and was entertained that the show decided to mock various youtube Phenomenas.
The premise was pretty ridiculous as the entire country of Canada went on strike demanding more “internet money” from world leaders. The boys decide in order stop the strike they miss become an internet sensation and make a lame music video of Butters that attracts millions on Youtube.


The boys think they are set but have to wait inline at the Department of Internet in order to get money. Turns out the line is quite long and that the Department of Internet only gives out hypothetical dollars. They boys survive a shootout with other Youtube celebrities and broker the end of the strike.

The show ends with a poignant monologue that content distribution on the internet does is not a mature market that can be depended on to generate wealth and that those who solely pursue financial gain via youtube will ultimately fail and look dumb doing so.

I believe there is some level of truth to that but at the same time some of the youtube videos satirized on South Park (all below) have successfully cashed in on future opportunities off of their youtube stardom. In particular Chocolate rain now is making advertisements for Dr. Pepper and laughing baby re purposed in a recent comercial.

Regardless here is what I could dig up on the internet phenomenas, South Park decided to pick on.

Karate flip gone wrong

Chocolate Rain- 17 million youtubeviews

Leave Brittney Alone – 45.8 million total views (swearing and the person below is a guy and not a girl… an openly gay guy)

Star Wars Kid- 5 million youtube views

Laughing Baby 1 – 43 million youtube views

Dramatic Look Gopher- 5 million youtube views

Fat Guy Singing Numa Numa Song- not sure (only 243k?)

Baby Panda Sneezes- 9 million views

Laughing Baby- 13 million views (my favorite of the bunch, this is obviously what parenting will be like. can’t wait for the fun!)

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