The Chicken Wrap Wars

Awhile ago McDonald’s introduced their chicken ranch snack wrap. It was well received as a healthier, cheaper, snackier, and solid tasting option.

A couple months back KFC launched an aggressive advertising campaign touting their new Toasted Wrap as the superior option in chicken wraps. KFC’s attack on McDonald’s now serves as the initial move of what has turned into the Chicken Wrap World War that now includes Wendy’s and Sonic.

The only reason this is blog worthy is because essentially the products are exactly the same. The usually consist of a) chicken b) a wrap c) some zingy ranchesque sauce d) some lettuce e) cheese (optional).

I have only had one of them (KFC toasted wrap) but think its just hilarious that Fast Food super powers have seemingly started a chicken wrap arms race.

Below are pictures of all four options.





A side by side comparison from i like to eat blog

So the verdict is in America likes chicken wraps. Will any other fast food superpowers join the war? Who will surrender first? In the future will all meals be chicken wraps?

Only time will tell.

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