What I am doing Tonight..

About a year ago, I learned that the classic movie Point Break has been transitioned into a play. I literally freaked out and without doing research, bought 5 tickets to see the next upcoming show.  I didn’t verify that people were coming, I just knew that this could be in fact the most awesome thing ever and wanted to move fast to ensure I got tickets. Well for starters the show rarely sells out so I may have jumped the gun. Secondly my lame ass friends didn’t want to go (cash flow problems, travel distance to SF, other plans/Nazi girlfriends, general lameness) While I have talked about the play on my blog before, recently I learned that its last showing in SF is tonight. With my back up agaisnt the wall, I fought the good campaign again and in a couple hours this is what I’ll be seeing;

I can’t tell you how stoked I am. Hopefully someone I am going with will try out for Johnny Utah (fellow OSU alumni), or I might have to become the first Jewish Chinese Utah. For those of you who have not checked out this great flick, seriously I question your upbringing. This movie was on every channel all the time in the late nineties and early 2000’s. Here is what you are missing.

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