Albert Pujols on a Rampage- Josh Bard and Chris Young in his Wake of Destruction

Albert Pujols is already universally known as a MLB badass and super star. However this past Wednesday the slugger added another impressive distinction as being the only MLB player I know to take out 2 players in one inning.

Sure baseball players get injured all the time, but usually its wear and tear and not directly at the hands of one player. Yet somehow in a span of 3 pitched Pujols relegated Pitcher Chris Young and Catcher Josh Bard to the disabled list. The plays were not dirty, and Pujols’ has been emotionally drained by the one in a million coincidence.

But honestly, how many player could pull of such a feat? The first injury occurred when Pujols lined an outside pitch up the middle which drilled pitcher Chris Young in the face (Video here).

A lot of players could have hit the ball that hard up the middle, but do a double check on the pitch location. Very few hitters can hit that pitch at that velocity up the middle. Young is now on the DL with a broken nose.

The second injury occurred 3 pitches later when Pujols came home to score from second. With the throw coming in, catcher Josh Bard attempted to block the plate. Pujols opted to slide into home and went through Bard’s leg (video here) It was a tough but clean play, one that has sent Bard to the DL with a high ankle sprain.

Once again, not that many players could have generated such a lethal combo of speed and size to generate that kind of force.

While both injuries are troubling, thy were not rooted in ill will or poor sportsmanship. Rather they just kind of highlight what we already knew. Albert Pujols is a badass….. don’t mess with him, unless you want to miss work for 2 weeks.

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