Buckeyes Lose….Ben Koo not cranky, congrats Tiger fans

We opened up great taking a 10-0 lead. We then gave up 31 straight points. Lots of the blame goes to coaching and stupid penalties. The discrepancy in the score was not indicititve of the talent levels. Really disappointed in the offensive play call after the first quarter. Defensively when LSU had third and short we failed to bring in extra interior lineman and they converted at will.

LSU played man coverage all day. I like Hartline as our soft zone receiver and Robo as our polished more physical reciever to go to agaisnt man coverage. Other things that stick out

– Nothing over the middle the tight ends

– No screens or draws (things that can work and keep the defense honest)

– No trick plays. Come on Tressel. Give me some gadget plays and some trickeration

– Penalties… I thought some of the calls were bad. But some were just flat out stupid.

– Third downs. Simply Miles winning the chess game here over Tressel. A lot of third downs stick out as being bad calls offensively and defensively. I don’t want to get into it, but Tressel really couldn’t come up with much on third and 3-7 yards.

– I really think the offensive playbook could be lengthend. I really like a lot of our plays but some times its just so damn vanilla.

I pretty much feel like this guy now….


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