College Football Fans Agree: Fox+BCS=Horrible

Its a tough time for me right now. The all star break serves as the roughest time of the year for the sports fan. The day after the all stay game, is actually the only day of the year with not a single professional sports game.

Anyways I wanted to bring light to what I view as a sports broadcasting tragedy. No I am not talking about Billy Packer leaving CBS, Bryan Gumbel’s horrible announcing, or Joe Buck in general. Rather the fact that Fox has held the rights to all the BCS games, minus the Rose Bowl, over the last 2 years. However the contract is up for negotiations this fall, with ABC and Fox both vying for the rights.

In my opinion Fox does an inferior job covering these huge games. All the way around (editing, commentary, in studio analysis, camera angles, replays, graphics) its just not as good as ABC and the broadcasts really suffer.

I decided to poll some large and knowledgable fan bases on their preference.

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The above graphic has reduced the text but the totals are 86% prefer ABC (95 votes) with 13% preferring Fox (15 votes).

I ran the poll again on another site but this time reversed the options with Fox being the top option on the form. The results were pretty much the same with 84% preferring ABC.

The point of all of this, was to prove my hypothesis that the college football die hards prefer ABC by more than a 4-1 ratio. I’ll spare you the pretty stinging comments blasting Fox.

Even the ABC BCS logo is better than the amateur looking Fox logo

With ratings down over the last 2 years and a clear preference for ABC, the BCS would be wise to take a lesser or equal offer to switch back to ABC. Fox has no college football games all year which hurts the marketing, commentator knowledge, and production quality of their broadcasts. It was believed that Fox was going to make a run at broadcasting some regular season games, but nothing has happened other than the butchering of some of the year’s biggest games.

I’ll be tracking this closely, simply because I love applauding smart decisions and blasting stupid ones.

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