College Football- A Look Around the Nation

Below is a link to my latest article on Bucknuts. It doesn’t focus on the Buckeyes but rather stuff to keep an eye out for in the Big Ten and the country.

In one of the segments, I outline why the west coast is a little lacking in college football fanaticism compared to the rest of the country.

I attribute to 4 factors.

1) Pac 10 Schools are in major cities with pro sports teams

2) The Expansive Region the Conference Cover- Hard to follow teams on the road

3) The Time Difference- Gameday at 7:30 am?

4) Local importance on media, music, entertainment, and technology

Speaking of the Pac 10, I find this story from The Wiz of Odds fairly entertaining.Below is a picture of Arizona State’s new practice facility. As you can see it has a pressurrized bubble roof that keeps temperature down in the desert heat..

Interesting design, an airbag/tent design. Kind of seems like a bad idea. Well only weeks after its completion, it turns out it is. A huge storm whipped through the area and this what’s left of the facility. Below is the after picture.

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