Jon Wilner=Idiot, Why I could be a full time CFB Writer

Ever since picking up my part time writing position for, I have constantly wondered if I had the skill, knowledge, and ability to be a full time college football writer. After reading Jon Wilner’s top 25, its pretty apparent it doesn’t take much and that this career path is indeed very possible.

This morning I looked at the AP top 25 rankings and noticed that a) 1 idiot voted for Arizona State as the best team in the country and b) an even bigger idiot voted LSU (who just lost) as the number one team in the country. This evening I found out the identity of the bigger idiot. No other than San Jose Mercury News’ (my local paper) writer Jon Wilner

Check out his blog where he discusses his rankings and the rationale behind them. Here are some of the most glaring anomalies from this college football “expert”.

20070219_113255_jonwilner.jpg IQ < 75

1) LSU is number one…. Seriously?

2) South Carolina somehow jumps the likes of Ohio State and Oklahoma for #2

3) Wilner’s hard on for the SEC is blatant with a whopping 5 SEC teams ranked in the top 12

4) 2 loss Florida and Auburn teams are ahead of USC

5) Ohio State destroys Kent State and is the clear number one, yet Wilner drops them from number 6 to number 7. Somehow LSU stays at the top?

6) Virginia Tech omitted from the top 15 despite their only loss being to the his heartthrob LSU.

7) Missouri in the top ten?

8 ) Wilner gets an AP vote and a paycheck

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