May Buckeye Update (4 Rookies Series, Zach Boren, Kosta Koufos)

Thought I would chime in with some news on the Buckeye front as well as plug my latest two articles.

Awhile back I came up with the concept to write a look back at the Ohio State’s 4 offensive stars NFL rookie years (Antonio Pittman, Ted Ginn, Anthony Gonzalez, and Troy Smith). I actually snared an interview with Smith. Bucknuts is running the series in four parts this week. Below are the links for Pittman and Ginn with Gonzalez and Smith coming tomorrow and Saturday.

Antonio Pittman

Ted Ginn

Below is an except explaining the concept behind the series.

Woody Hayes Hayes’ “Three yards and a cloud of dust” offense has long been referenced in describing Ohio State’s offensive philosophy well past Hayes’ departure 30 years ago. Although the Buckeye offense has constantly evolved and been successful in many different incarnations, the consistency of a possession-focused running attack has perpetuated the reputation of a dated, conservative, and uncreative offensive system.

A group of four former Buckeyes erased or at least challenged this national perception with two-plus years of offensive proficiency and achievement. Included in this offensive revival were two Cleveland Glenville high school teammates deemed as position “tweeners”, and two largely unheralded Northern Ohio recruits.

When the smoke cleared from their successful Buckeye careers, this foursome would include two first round draft pick receivers, an all-conference running back, and Ohio State’s sixth Heisman winner.

While their accolades, accomplishments, highlights, and stories will be forever preserved in Buckeye lore, Ted Ginn, Antonio Pittman, Troy Smith, and Anthony Gonzalez are now trying to find similar success as professionals in the NFL. This is the story of their transitions, trials, tribulations, and triumphs in their rookie year in the NFL.

In other news Bucknuts news, I have locked down a interview with the young man responsible for making the video below.

Lexco44 has agreed to let Buckeye nation in on who he is and how he makes his great vidoes. The above video has no highlight footage but the one below shows his uncanny ability to remix highlights, photos, text, with a soundtrack. Can’t wait to talk to him and let Buckeye nation know who to thank for these great videos.

In other news Justin Boren’s younger brother Zach has committed to Ohio State. If you recall older brother Justin announced his transfer from Michigan to Ohio State last week. Hard to believe the two sons of a Michigan football player and Michigan cheerleader now find themselves on the other side of the rivalry.

On the basketball front, freshmen Kosta Koufos has decided to leave school to prepare for the upcoming draft. Koufos may opt to play professionally in Greece depending on where he is drafted. Koufos came on strong in the NIT tournament but still needs seasoning in my opinion to play in the NBA.

In some non Buckeye news, an interesting story came out on how Tennessee Guard Chris Lofton endured cancer surgery and treatment this off season to play for the Volunteers. Lofton struggled a bit in his senior year, but played exceptionally considering he was recovering from cancer treatment. Great article and a great story.

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