Ohio State Spring Game Draft

For die hard college football fans there are 6 portions of the year that are essential for following

1) summer camps (pre season practices, position battles)

2) the regular season

3) bowl prep and bowl season

4) national signing day

5) The Spring game (last years below… big crowd)

6) the draft

Luckily the draft and spring game are usually at the same time of the year, giving fans a much needed burst of activity to get them through the offseason. Also year long recruiting efforts have become all the rage for addicts like myself.

With Ohio State’s Spring game tomorrow, I thought this was an interesting find.

Below is a series of videos documenting the draft of for the spring game. Some schools just split up teams for the annual spring scrimmage, but Jim Tressel holds a draft so soon to be Seniors can pick their teams.

The below videos gives unprecedented access to this process and has some very candid moments for a program that isnt as media friendly as lets say USC or Florida.

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