Penn State Unraveling and an update on Justin Boren

Ben Koo is hitting the road soon but wanted to update you on a couple of things.

A couple of blogs ago I commented on how head coach Joe Paterno was losing his effectiveness as a coach and mentor at Penn State. The media seems to have largely ignored the pattern of disciplinary issues. However a clear indication can be found here.

Formerly suspended WR, Chris Bell, has now been kicked off the team for threatening to kill a former teammate while aggressively brandishing a machete. What’s even more telling about the state of the Penn State program is the set of other articles of interest on about the Penn State program.

While its troubling to see this trend at one of the better academic football programs in the country, its also concerning that Joe Pa has essentially been given a free pass by Penn State as well as the media. I respect the man to the nth degree, but this is a clear snapshot of just how far the mighty the Penn State program has fallen under a Paterno well past his prime.

In other news, speculation is that Justin Boren is all but a lock to transfer from Michigan to Ohio State after his visit earlier this week. Boren, whose little brother just signed with the Buckeyes, has opted to transfer out of Michigan despite being a starter as he has not taken well to the Rich Rodriguez regime.

Boren will have to sit out a year but will be teamed with an influx of talent on the offensive line with high school stand outs, Mike Adams, JB Shugarts, and Mike Brewster. Unfortunately though the news isn’t all good for Buckeye fans as Adams may have to miss the start or the entire 2008 season with recent shoulder surgery. Quite a loss for a guy many have tabbed as a younger version of Orlando Pace.

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