Rich Eisen Shows Just How Slow We Are

The NFL combine was held last week to the delight of tens of millions of football fans who are lamenting they 7 months layoff of no football. Of the many combine events, the one event that holds the most importance (at least in the eyes of the media and fans) is the 40 yard dash. While how fast someone can run in a straight line for forty yards without pads on does give you some insight into their ability to play football, the significance and amount of speculation based on this statistic is way overdone. America’s obession with the 40, got a nice little slice of humor as NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen took a shot at showing off his sprinting ability. As you can see below, one thing Eisen did prove is that we are really slow even compared to really fat men. The cool comparison runs they do at the end are hilarious.

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