TitleTown Ends Finally… Massillon Gets Some Love

Aww what to blog about tonight? I was contemplating ripping American Airlines to shreds for taking out movies to save a miniscule amount on gas money citing the equipments weight and also them taking their flights off of Kayak and Orbitz.

Updates on Hulu, Tesla Motors, and Vudu were also considered. But in the end I opted to go with something a little more simple.

Every year ESPN invents some stupid promotion to fill time on Sportscenter during the summer where only one of the major sports is taking place. This year they lowered the bar in yet again with Title Town, a promotion where the worldwide leader in sports traveled to 20 different cities and towns attempting to crown Title Town, USA.

At first I hated the series (San Francisco?, Palo Alto?,Knoxville?) but I found myself enjoying some of the visits to smaller unheard of destinations (high school towns).

Below is a clip from the last venue, Massillon Ohio.

[redlasso id=”14a49d56-d3aa-4790-94d3-ae7c3b1d98a2″]

Massillon neighbors Canton, the birth place of NFL and home to the hall of fame. The town has a very storied history in high school football. I have a friend who went to school there and was lucky enough to catch a game at Paul Brown Stadium. Yes, thee Paul Brown, Massillon is where he got his start.

As a sports fan, I love learning about new things. Whether it be great stories like something portrayed in movies like SeaBiscuit or Cinderella Man, great sports documentaries, or vivid retellings of historic events. In particular a good sports documentary is something that I always have my eye for and Massillon is lucky to have one based on their high school football program.

Below is a trailer to Go Tigers, a movie showcasing the importance of the team to the small town. It shows does a pretty good job showing the pros and the cons of the town’s obsession with the team

Go Tigers Trailer- for some reason I can’t embed….Wordpress you really piss me off sometimes..LINK below to trailer


I still hate TitleTown, but at least a handful of their destinations shed light on some places that I was unaware of their athletic excellence. Hopefully next year ESPN can come up with something a little bit better.

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