Week One- Lazy Saturday College Football Running/Live Blog

I have devoted the whole day to watching college football. Woke up at 7:45 just to make sure I watched some Gameday and the LSU vs. Appalachian State kickoff.I’ll update this from time to time today. Got both tv’s running and all the channels.

8:50- I thought Appalachian State would at least give LSU a good game. 17-0, and I don’t see this one tightening up at all. The difference in line play is huge.

Initially I questioned if Clemson vs Alabama really deserved Gameday over Illinois vs. Missouri. The Missouri game is and will be a better game, but Nick Saban gives the Alabama game more star power. No doubt if Saban was not at Alabama, Gameday would be elsewhere.

9:30- Terrelle Pryor is getting his first whole series in the Buckeyes third drive. 3 out of 4 first plays were passes. Ran first a first down on the nice draw. So far so good 3-3 passing. Drive stalled out in red zone, but it should be noted that he was with the second string offensive line. Would love to see him with the first string line. Looks to be attempt to get some experience under a lot of the freshmen’s bets (Shugarts, Pryor, Thomas, Brewster, Posey and Adams I think were all in on that drive.

Virginia Tech is struggling.

10:30- Good half for the Buckeyes. Defense was awesome, offense was ok but not dynamic.

Sean Glennon is pissing me off.

Akron is giving Wisky a good game. Florida and Tebow haven’t exploded yet.

10:55- Chris Wells could have a serious ankle injury…..I feel sick…. He isn’t putting any weight on it, what so ever. Really not encouraging. Hoping for the best…… Really worried about this.

God damnit. The cart to the locker room. Also Robiskie was banged up on his TD catch. This is not good. Need to be healthy for USC game.

11:04- I hope to god this isn’t a ruptured achilles. Honestly the way it looked, and the way they are looking at him, its very possible and that’s a horrible injury to come back from.

11:25- Terrelle Pryor got to have a drive with the first string O line and got to run the spread option a handful of times. Drive culminated with a real sweet Vince Young like 20 yard TD. Mind is still on Wells. Going to drink some beer and think positively. I am thinking that maybe if it is the achilles, he might come back next year to pump his draft stock up again next year.

11:30- Upset alert…Pitt is losing to Bowling Green 20-17 and looks to be getting the ball back… Stay tuned.

In way more important news, Wells is back on the sideline, limping with a boot on. The fact he is putting weight on it is encouraging. I handicap that there is a 50% chance he will be back for the USC game. Let’s see what the report is.

11:44 – East Carolina has made it a game with Virginia Tech. 2 point game with 3 minutes to go. …..

The rephs just blew a big one for Bowling Green. They scored a defensive TD off a fumble to take a 2 score lead. Unfortunately there was in advent whistle and they have to take possession around midfield instead of having the TD.

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