Year of the Blowout Continues

The biggest Thanksgiving turkey this year was the lackluster football entertainment provided by the NFL and to a lesser degree college football. It’s only part of growing trend of seemingly big games that have flopped as blowouts, especially on the college scene.

No I wasn’t expecting that many good games, but the slate of games today should have given me something worth watching. The powers to be need to go back to the drawing board after 4 games in which the closest score was a 25 point victory. It was somewhat of an anomaly, but going forward a better slate of games should be put forth on the day that garners some of the highest ratings of the year.

In particular it only accentuates the trend of blowouts in highly anticipated college football games in 2008. It actually predates back to the BCS game last January

Rose Bowl USC 49    Illinois 17

Fiesta Bowl West Virginia 48   Oklahoma 28

Sugar Bowl Georgia 41    Hawaii 10

BCS Title LSU 38   OSU 24

The trend continued early with numerous early highly touted non conference games turned into lop sided laughers. It has only gotten worse in conference play and in particular its been very public in nationally televised games.

Alabama   34    Clemson  10  ABC national prime time game

USC   35          Ohio State  3  ABC national prime time game

Alabama 41   Georgia 30  (not that close)  ABC national prime time game

Georgia 52  LSU 38 CBS National Game

Florida 49  Georgia 10    CBS National Game

Texas 56  Missouri 31  ABC National prime time game

Florida 51    LSU 21       CBS National Game

Oklahoma 65 Texas Tech 21  ABC National Prime Time Game

This weekend has some interesting games and next weekend has the slate of games to make up for the propensity for big time blowouts on the national state. Hopefully the trend stops and we see some great football these final 2 weekends and into bowl season.

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