Well My Degree Just Took A Nice Kick in the Junk

 Pretty funny though. I still remember interviewing with a company out of college the day after Maurice Clarett was arrested for this little run-in with the law. All I heard was “Ohio State……How about that Maurice Clarett?”. I still got the job but remember being a bit perturbed by that question being asked by every […]

Mike Tomlin Doing Commercials?

Earlier I pointed out the similarties between Jamie Dixon and the the guy doing the Geico commercials. Something about those Pittsburgh commercials as the new Digornio ad and the old Bud Light ad have an eerily Tomlin like  actor. Actually now that I have them side by side, I am not so sure. In the […]

Walmart Buys Vudu for $100 million

Just wanted to write up a quick blog on WalMart purchasing Vudu for $100 million last week. I’ve covered Vudu for awhile and was one of the first people to have the on demand video streaming box. I was really impressed with the business model, value proposition to consumers and studios, as well as the […]

The Hot Kirby Vacuum Girl Dilemma and Flow Chart

A confident knock on the door followed by a door bell ring. Pop ins by my friends are rare but that’s what my money was on. I was on the phone and passed it to my roommate while I investigated the unexpected visitor. Lookin through my peep hole I made out the outline of a […]

Conan vs. Jeff Zucker and NBC had roots almost 25 Years ago

At some point in 2003 or 2004 I was watching Conan with some friends after a night out.  While discussing how much we enjoyed Conan compared to Leno or Letterman I boldly made the prediction that Conan would host The Tonight Show in the next 5-6 years. My friends were baffled seeing that Leno and […]

Is it Odd I want to see this? (The Room=Worst Movie Ever Made?)

I go to the movies maybe 3x a year since college. I wish I could go more, I just never do. One day I hope that changes, but here is a movie that is on my radar that I want to see badly. Similar to my obsession with Point Break Live, this just seems like […]

Entourage Wearing Thin On Some

Entourage is one of my favorite shows, but for many its grown a little stale. Its different, its funny, the characters are great as is the dialogue, but many seasons and episodes just seem to be the same old stuff. Below is great video from College Humor that touches on this and of late some […]

What I am doing Tonight..

About a year ago, I learned that the classic movie Point Break has been transitioned into a play. I literally freaked out and without doing research, bought 5 tickets to see the next upcoming show.  I didn’t verify that people were coming, I just knew that this could be in fact the most awesome thing […]

Entourage Returns July 14th….

This is the wost part of the year. Just baseball and whatever is on tv and right now there aint much to watch on tv.  In my entire lifetime I cannot recall a time of the year that had this little to watch on television. Law And Order is suddenly in play again. But there […]

Pantless Knights New Video- Puke In My Mouth

A friend of the Pantless Knights who I used to work with turned me on to them awhile back and I have been checking out their awesome videos ever since. Today they released a new video, a satire of “Jizz In My Pants” from SNL fame. Have to say this is some of their finest […]

Back From Vacation..

Been out of pocket recently with some friends visiting from Ohio. People from Ohio love it out here in California. This video below articulates where some of their enthusiasm for travel stems from.

I Always Had A Sneaky Suspicion that Playboy Models Were a Fan of My Blog

I got to give much love to Alana G for making the video below happen. She rocks. All these hours blogging about god knows what, rather then enjoying my twenties chasing girls around has officially paid off. The next logical step is getting a reality show where I pick which one of my Playboy model […]

A Solid Batch of Good Videos

Came across these today.Both pretty solid. Batting leadoff is this great piece from a local news station in Rhode Island. Talk about tremendous PR damage control. And now for the invention 25 years in the making.