I’m moving out of the Bay Area and to Columbus. No really Columbus.

Probably about time I shared this with more folks. Tried to make this concise, but yeah you know me….I can talk if you let me. In September (hopefully), I’ll be moving away from the Bay Area and to Columbus, Ohio. It’s a done deal, as I’ve sold my place here and bought a place there […]

5 Helpful Entrepreneurial Lessons I Have Learned From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed away and it is a very sad day here in Silicon Valley and the country. There has been a tremendous outpouring of emotion and great articles since the news broke several hours ago. I’m not going to write the 10,000th article about Jobs and his legacy, but rather take a moment to […]

Koo Runnings Volume Four

This may end up being one of the last Koo Runnings but certainly a lot going on right now to warrant a new edition highlighting everything going on within the sports 2.0 industry. Obviously Bleacher Report had a couple of huge announcements last week but before we go there, let’s open with some smaller items. […]

Koo Running Volume Three

  Been way too long but as the month comes to an end, here is a look at what’s going on within the sports digital media space in this edition of Koo Runnings. – The freshest news is that ESPN is planning launching a college football network of sites for 25 of the biggest college […]

Thinking About The Value Of Platform

First off an apology for not posting. Traveling, flu, visitors in town, and you know running/bootstrapping/killing myself for Bloguin. I always think it’s funny when blog posts start off with this kind of apology, as in many cases nobody really noticed/gave a shit. I’d like to think some people do here. In this blog I’m […]

Koo Runnings Volume Two

A couple weeks backs I mentioned I’d try to give a periodic rundown of industry news. This is the second installment and thanks to friend @roneface, I’ve decided to brand this column “Koo Runnings”. A banner should be added to this column very soon and he should be receiving a Bloguin jacket anyday now for […]

Something New For

  For a blog that is not updated that frequently, actually does alright. Comments, traffic, links, and more importantly a good deal of people I respect visiting the blog regularly. But there is a lot of ground I don’t cover and it bugs me given that a lot interesting stuff goes completely unnoticed or uncovered. Going […]

Big Hires In Kaufman And Neyer Signal Shifting Content Strategies

My next planned blog was going to highlight the shifting content strategies of the major sports portals. It seems that after a decade of imitating ESPN, major players like CBS, NBC, AOL, Fox, and Sporting News have started to embrace new content strategies that veer away from the pre set course that has pioneered. While […]

FanHouse Sporting News Partnership Highlights a Whirlwind Week of Action

  For now this is just a placeholder until I get some more time to writeup some of these developments. I have some emails into some people on the FanHouse Sporting News partnership and am getting some info that will help paint a picture of what that whole mess situation is about. But what’s crazy is that […]

Bleacher Report Raises 10.5 Million, Bloggers Scratch Their Head

  Last time we checked in with Bleacher Report they were quietly making some changes with a new CEO (who I predicted as a hire) and editorial policies aimed at improving content quality. At the time both moves made sense but it wasn’t clear what their impact would be. Fast forward a half year later and […]

Well My Degree Just Took A Nice Kick in the Junk

 Pretty funny though. I still remember interviewing with a company out of college the day after Maurice Clarett was arrested for this little run-in with the law. All I heard was “Ohio State……How about that Maurice Clarett?”. I still got the job but remember being a bit perturbed by that question being asked by every […]

SB Nation Brings in Another Huge Round as Industry Continues to Evolve

Yardbarker sold, Fanball shuttered their blog network, and now SB Nation just spiked the ball in the end-zone after bringing in a very significant round of funding, reported to be $10.5 million. In conjunction with the funding, SB Nation announced they acquired Sports Radio Interviews. The round was led by Khosla ventures, another top tier […]

The Basketball Jones Give Insight Into Their Sucess With The Score

It was a little over a year ago I wrote about The Basketball Jones getting acquired by The Score, a Canadian Sports Television Network. Many think it was somewhat of a landmark milestone for sports blogs/podcasts. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Basketball Jones, I’ll quote something I wrote in my first […]

Yardbarker Sells to Fox In Significant Step Forward for Sports 2.0

Awhile back I wrote about how my previous employer, Yardbarker, had partnered with Fox Sports in an ad sales and content promotion relationship. For that article I sent some questions to Yardbarker’s CEO about the deal, one of which asking his opinion on if the partnership with Fox could lead to a future acquisition. I […]

So When Will NBC Really Buy Pro Football Talk?

Quick note before I get started, I’ve been doing some writing on, one of my all time favorite sports blogs and the newest addition to Bloguin. If you want in on that action, check out some of the links below: – ESPN Unvels New Red Zone Like Channel for College Football – Yuppy Injustice: […]