Conan vs. Jeff Zucker and NBC had roots almost 25 Years ago

At some point in 2003 or 2004 I was watching Conan with some friends after a night out.  While discussing how much we enjoyed Conan compared to Leno or Letterman I boldly made the prediction that Conan would host The Tonight Show in the next 5-6 years. My friends were baffled seeing that Leno and […]

Reporting Badass Damon Weaver Reignites McNabb vs. Romo rivarly

There is something about writing, especially on your own site, that keeps your mind fresh. I’ve been pathetic at doing it the last 6 months and I hope to get back in the groove now. It’s been far too long. To get back on a roll I present to you the future of sports journalism […]

Insight into Yardbarker-Fox Deal

A couple weeks back, Yardbarker announced a partnership with Fox Sports that seemed to pique a lot of people’s interest. “, and independent blog aggregator Yardbarker have struck a three-year content syndication and advertising sales partnership that deepens an existing relationship between the three hubs. Building on a smaller, content-for-distribution deal struck in June […]

Mark May either really crude/hilarious or bad at pretending to yawn

In the video below, you tell me what Mark May is doing about 15 seconds in. Yeah I know you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I am pretty convinced it was the more hilarious possibility. I am not the only one who interpreated that way.   So to recap, a […]

DirectTV sticking it to Comcast, NHL, Versus, and hockey fans

Today the puck dropped on the 2009 hockey season. Yes, hockey is the youngest smallest brother of the major 4 sports but its still a major sport. Just not enough to be ESPN……or actually on DirectTV. Local fans can find their games on a local sports provider, but the national television rights are split between […]

This Tyler Hansbrough Commercial is Ridiculously Bad

Athletes can make great spokespeople for products and brands. That’s nothing new. However they can be divisive considering sports fans often dislike various athletes for various reasons. Also sometimes the actual of act of doing a particular commercial can be offputting to some (remember the Charles Barkley, I’m not a role model commercial). Other examples […]

Is it Odd I want to see this? (The Room=Worst Movie Ever Made?)

I go to the movies maybe 3x a year since college. I wish I could go more, I just never do. One day I hope that changes, but here is a movie that is on my radar that I want to see badly. Similar to my obsession with Point Break Live, this just seems like […]

On Sabbatical

  I’ve been bad the last week and posting this upcoming week will not be good either. In a 17 day period I have these things going on. Right now is day 5…. – A birthday – A wedding outside of Seattle – A business trip to New York – A move – Completion of […]

ESPN Committed To Drinking Old Media’s Milkshake

ESPN today announced that they will be launching destination sites like in LA, New York, and Dallas. The article made the front page of the New York Times and has peaked the interest of many in the blogosphere. The NYT article doesn’t pull punches clearly making the connection that this is another blow to […]

Commercial of the week- Minute Maid Admission of Guilt

Commercial of the Week is back from a LONG hiatus. Saw this yesterday and it really cracked me up. Minute Maid isn’t really a sexy product nor one that necessarily stick out through the clutter to 18-35 men. This commercial accomplishes that and caps it with some nice imagery that makes me miss the awesomeness […]

Double Down on Blogs With Balls 2.0

If you head over to you’ll find a couple new things. First the site has been redesigned to promote the upcoming 2.0 conference to be held in Las Vegas, October 15-16. as part of the broader Blogwold Conference. I blogged about this before, but this is a huge step up from years past as […]

SB Nation Brings in a Very Healthy $7-$8 Million

I am going to write a very broad piece tonight about some of the VERY encouraging things I am seeing in Sports 2.0 (which probably needs a real definition btw). I’ll still write some of the things on my mind, but that thunder got stolen today with the news that SB Nation, a company somewhat […]