Big Changes at Bleacher Report

Its been a very newsworthy month over at Bleacher Report although a lot of the news has flown under the radar. Today they announced that former head of Yahoo Sports and later Fox Sports, Brian Grey, will be joining the team in July as CEO. Bleacher Report has been without a CEO since February when […]

Blogs With Ball 3 Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Blogs With Balls 3 in Chicago. Really enjoyed myself at the conference and wanted to write up some thoughts about the experience as well as some positive and negative feedback about the event. I attended the first event and thought it was a great success. Getting […]

FSV Acquires The Big Lead-2010 The Year of the Blog Exits?

I’ll update this blog as more information becomes available. Early this morning, The New York Times reported that general sports and gossip blog, The Big Lead had been acquired by their ad sales partner, Fantasy Sports Ventures, or as most people refer to them, FSV. The Big Lead, an independent blog that Jason McIntyre began […]

Bloguin Doing Well in Pictures and Video

As you know for the last 9 months, I’ve been diligently killing myself serving as Bloguin’s CEO. It’s no easy task and I think some of you industry insiders who read my blog can probably imagine the work that goes into maintaining and growing a blog network with no investment capital. Often its quite a […]

Comcast and SB Nation Become Friends With Benefits

Over the past year, online local sports audiences has escalated from a competitive hobby for media companies into an emerging front line of trench warfare. As ESPN expands their local aspirations with more regional hub sites, regional sports networks like Comcast SportsNET, Fox Sports Net, NESN, and MASN have felt some urgency to expand and […]

ESPN Sportscenter Commercial of Mayweather and Brian Kenny Rivaly= Awesome

ESPN has for over a decade done a great job with their “This is Sportscenter” commercials. Charlie Steiner with Y2K anarchy, “Jimmy Key Sucks”, and Gheorge Muresan dancing are some classics among many. Today though, I caught a new one which poked fun of the extremely contentious as well as entertaining interview Brian Kenny had […]

Mike Tomlin Doing Commercials?

Earlier I pointed out the similarties between Jamie Dixon and the the guy doing the Geico commercials. Something about those Pittsburgh commercials as the new Digornio ad and the old Bud Light ad have an eerily Tomlin like  actor. Actually now that I have them side by side, I am not so sure. In the […]

The Yardbarker Family Tree

If you’re a football fan, you probably know what this is I’ll save my ode to Bill Walsh for another day, but the above family tree outlines how many coaches were groomed either directly below him, within his system, or by one of his coordinators while at the Niners. Actually the tree above doesn’t even […]

Rob Neyer’s ESPN SweetSpot Network Falls Short

Its with great trepidation that I write this piece in which I’ll point to the many deficiencies of ESPN’s newest foray into Sports 2.0, The Sweet Spot Network,  Rob Neyer’s brain child consisting of about 20 MLB blogs. I have voiced my concern to ESPN on this front and feel strongly enough to air my […] Lexus Hybrid Ad Campaign Is Aweseome

If you’re reading this on Tuesday March 30th and have not been over to yet, you can probably still go over there now and see a really best in class ad campaign Lexus is running on ESPN to promote their hybrids. Its funny because only 2 weeks ago I tabbed Lexus as my commercial […]

Google News is a Disservice to the Sports Blogosphere

Is a blog a news source? Are blogs part of the media? These could be questions for a panel at a conference for pundits to debate back and forth. My take has always been that it really depends on the blog and what the criteria is for the organization that makes these type of determinations. […]

Oh Snap…. Yahoo Bought Citizen Sports for 40-50 Mill

Yesterday I blogged that most of the acquisitions in the Sports 2.0 world were smaller niche plays and none of the larger sports startups like a Yardbarker, Bleacher Report, SB Nation, or Citizen Sports. Well that changed today and you can cross Citizen Sports off the list as Yahoo plunked down a rumored 40+ million […]

Comcast Buys The 700 Level…..What’s going on?

On the heels of The Basketball Jones entering into a pretty significant/bellweather agreement with The Score, Philly sports blog The 700 Level has now been acquired by Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia. Below is Enrico’s explanation. “Today, I’m excited to announce that has entered a new stage in its history. We have officially partnered with Comcast […]