Commercial of the week- Lexus Hyrbid Milestones

Contemplating writing 3 posts tonight. Might as well start with an easy Commercial of the week. For years I have dreamed of owning a Lexus Hybrid. For a good period of time they’ve had a full fleet of luxury Hybrids, while their competition really didn’t have much to offer. Fast forward to now where hybrids […]

Pantless Knights and The New Dork is money

I am a huge fan of The Pantless Knights, a group of local viral video makers who rock awesomeness with everything they put out. Their concepts for viral videos, execution, as well as social marketing efforts make them a great source of entertainment and an emerging marketing option for companies looking to make a splash […]

The Score gets The Basketball Jones, Yahoo Loses Skeets

About a year ago I offered Tas Melas and JE Skeets of The Basketball Jones my help in regards to working with advertisers and other possible business partners. They were gracious enough to allow the privilege of being involved and for a couple months I tried my best to connect them with potential advertisers, helped […]

Walmart Buys Vudu for $100 million

Just wanted to write up a quick blog on WalMart purchasing Vudu for $100 million last week. I’ve covered Vudu for awhile and was one of the first people to have the on demand video streaming box. I was really impressed with the business model, value proposition to consumers and studios, as well as the […]

Commercial of the Week- Nike Human Chain and Audi Spell/Friendly Competition

The Olympics and World Cup are great opportunities for advertisers looking to reach a large audience that generally skews more affluent and less male dominated compared to other sporting events. Being a fiend for the Winter Olympics, I’ve logged some good hours consuming all things Olympics. Thus far I’d say some of the big winners […]

Technology Makes Charity Easier to Promote and Harder to Ignore

I remember my 6th grade Walk A Thon to raise funds for my school. Tasked with filling up a roster of people willing to sign pledge paper, I stalked my family and family friends looking for them to pledge an amount per lap that I walked. Tapping my network of possible donors who didn’t have […]

The Hot Kirby Vacuum Girl Dilemma and Flow Chart

A confident knock on the door followed by a door bell ring. Pop ins by my friends are rare but that’s what my money was on. I was on the phone and passed it to my roommate while I investigated the unexpected visitor. Lookin through my peep hole I made out the outline of a […]

Who is Daniel Brusilovsky?

Tonight I was really shocked to hear of what amounts to a major scandal in Silicon Valley involving the well read and tech thought leader, Tech Crunch. TC is like candy for those of us who work in tech and its more like crack for those who work at startups or within the startup eco […]

Conan vs. Jeff Zucker and NBC had roots almost 25 Years ago

At some point in 2003 or 2004 I was watching Conan with some friends after a night out.  While discussing how much we enjoyed Conan compared to Leno or Letterman I boldly made the prediction that Conan would host The Tonight Show in the next 5-6 years. My friends were baffled seeing that Leno and […]

Reporting Badass Damon Weaver Reignites McNabb vs. Romo rivarly

There is something about writing, especially on your own site, that keeps your mind fresh. I’ve been pathetic at doing it the last 6 months and I hope to get back in the groove now. It’s been far too long. To get back on a roll I present to you the future of sports journalism […]

Insight into Yardbarker-Fox Deal

A couple weeks back, Yardbarker announced a partnership with Fox Sports that seemed to pique a lot of people’s interest. “, and independent blog aggregator Yardbarker have struck a three-year content syndication and advertising sales partnership that deepens an existing relationship between the three hubs. Building on a smaller, content-for-distribution deal struck in June […]