ESPN Sportscenter Commercial of Mayweather and Brian Kenny Rivaly= Awesome

ESPN has for over a decade done a great job with their “This is Sportscenter” commercials. Charlie Steiner with Y2K anarchy, “Jimmy Key Sucks”, and Gheorge Muresan dancing are some classics among many. Today though, I caught a new one which poked fun of the extremely contentious as well as entertaining interview Brian Kenny had […]

Commercial of the week- Lexus Hyrbid Milestones

Contemplating writing 3 posts tonight. Might as well start with an easy Commercial of the week. For years I have dreamed of owning a Lexus Hybrid. For a good period of time they’ve had a full fleet of luxury Hybrids, while their competition really didn’t have much to offer. Fast forward to now where hybrids […]

Commercial of the Week- Nike Human Chain and Audi Spell/Friendly Competition

The Olympics and World Cup are great opportunities for advertisers looking to reach a large audience that generally skews more affluent and less male dominated compared to other sporting events. Being a fiend for the Winter Olympics, I’ve logged some good hours consuming all things Olympics. Thus far I’d say some of the big winners […]

This Tyler Hansbrough Commercial is Ridiculously Bad

Athletes can make great spokespeople for products and brands. That’s nothing new. However they can be divisive considering sports fans often dislike various athletes for various reasons. Also sometimes the actual of act of doing a particular commercial can be offputting to some (remember the Charles Barkley, I’m not a role model commercial). Other examples […]

Commercial of the week- Minute Maid Admission of Guilt

Commercial of the Week is back from a LONG hiatus. Saw this yesterday and it really cracked me up. Minute Maid isn’t really a sexy product nor one that necessarily stick out through the clutter to 18-35 men. This commercial accomplishes that and caps it with some nice imagery that makes me miss the awesomeness […]

Commercial of the Week- Intel and Their Rock Star

I probably love this commercial more then anyone else. If you work in tech, things that get you and your colleagues excited are typically things that any normal non tech dork would not give 2 cents about. Intel, in the uber nerdy semiconductor space, embraces the lack of awareness of their excellence as a company […]

The Most Glorious and Nostalgic Commercial EVER-Punchout Wii

Holy lord. The mother of all commercials. If you are a guy in your 20’s and haven’t played Punchout on Nintendo, I have some serious questions about your upbringing. Fast forward 20 years later and I am guessing unless you are finishing up college, you yearn for a simpler time when PunchOut, sleepovers, trading baseball […]

Commercial of the Week- Jack Black and Michael Cera MTV Movie Awards

Commercial of the week segment is basically on life support. I don’t watch that much tv anymore and have been extra pro active in flipping the channels, hence I don’t really see commercials anymore. However here is one that caught my eye promoting Andy Sandberg hosting the 2009 MTV Movie awards. No, I won’t watch […]

The Economy Will Kill Commercials Like This Commercial of the Week

I hate going 2 days in a row without posting, so I thought I’d give you this. Below is a commercial I have seen over the past couple months. Its great. I give it Commercial of the Week. I mentioned to my roommate that I wondered what the pitch was like for the commercial. They […]

Commercial of the week- Rock Band Metallica and Bobby Knight

Its been awhile since I reprised the semi defunct Commercial of the Week series. Below is a definite winner. Parodies past Rock Band commercial with some new…..well actually old blood. Bobby Knight throwing the drum sets and acting aloof like this is pretty awesome. Lots of star power and interesting dynamics. I love the fact […]

Commercial of the Week- Jim Beam, The Girlfriend

Haven’t been doing much commercial of the week of late mainly because literally 1/3 of all commercial I have seen this new year have been trucks commercials. However this one put a smile on my face. The scantily clad women got my attention, the sexy accent pulled me in, and the words coming out of […]

Commercial of the Week- Viacom Sticks it to Time Warner

I have seen a handful of great commercials this past week. A lot of that has to do with the the BCS bowl games and NFL playoffs which give advertisers a great incentive to roll out new ad campaigns to start the new year. However I am going to go with the Viacom commercial below. […]

I want a Snuggie for Hanukkah…Definately Commercial of the week

Last night when I was up way past my bed time, I happened upon the commercial below. I might actually apply to work for Snuggie after seeing it again. Cutting edge product and the marketing is top notch. Love the shot of the family at a sporting event all wearing snuggies.

Commercials of the week for November- Guitar Hero, Levi’s, Adidas

A lot of this site’s traffic comes from people for searching for information about new commercials. That’s why its been kind of lame on my behalf that I have not been posting commercial’s of the week lately. It’s been a combo of busy, no good commercials, and some travel. However here are three that I […]